Three Types of ST Depression

Tips on How to Measure the ST Depression
1) In many rhythms it is difficult to see where the 'S' wave ends and the actual 'J' Point. In these cases, as in the above there is a 'Flat S wave. As we have learned in class go ONE small box past the 'R' wave to establish the 'S' wave distance ('S' waves are usually about ONE small box) as shown with the Black arrow above.
2) Next, measure 1.5 small boxes (0.06 sec.) past the end of the 'S' wave as seen above with the Red arrow.
3) Lastly, simply ask yourself, 'What's Happening Here? (Blue arrow)." Is this deflection at least '1' small box or more below baseline and is it horizontal, downsloping or upsloping depression?
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