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Here are some of the Incredible Pioneers of Exercise Physiology who we have Discussed in class. Please challenge yourself to see if you can match the name with their contributions! For Exams, just knowing their LAST name will suffice. Check your answers at the bottom of the page.

Per-Olof Astrand, Milo, J.C. Dalton, Albert Behnke, Luigi Galvani, Archibald Hill, Galen, Erling Asmussen, David B.Dill, Lawrence Henderson, Hippocrates, Thomas K. Cureton, Jonas Bergstrom, Herodicus, Bengt Saltin

Pioneers of Exercise Physiology Quiz Questions:

1. Which pioneer excelled in Sports Medicine and even treated some of the Gladiators?

2. What scientist founded the Harvard Fatigue Laboratory?

3. Who is recognized as the 'father of preventive medicine'?

4. This pioneer had great impact on the physical fitness movement in the U.S.

5. What scientist developed the biopsy needle?

6. This scientist was known for his work in energy metabolism and was a Nobel prize winner.

7. This medical doctor was truly a visionary of health and fitness understandings accepted today.

8. This doctor was the mentor to Hippocrates.

9. The first and only director of the Harvard Fatigue Laboratory.

10. Researcher most associated with body composition investigations.

11. Scandinavian researcher who is recognized for work in muscle metabolism.

12. Which researcher who did much work on endurance capacity of runners?

13. The scientist who first introduced the name eXcentric exercise in a scientific journal?

14. Famous Greek Athlete credited with introducing 'Progressive Overload'?

15. Medical doctor who discovered animal electricity called bioelectricity.

Check your answers below

Answers: 1=Galen, 2=Lawrence Henderson, 3=Hippocrates, 4=Thomas K. Cureton, 5=Jonas Bergstrom, 6=Archibald Hill, 7=J.C. Dalton, 8=Herodicus, 9=David B.Dill, 10=Albert Behnke, 11=Bengt Saltin, 12=Per-Olof Astrand, 13=Erling Asmussen, 14=Milo, 15=Luigi Galvani