VO2max Lab for PEP326L

Be able to define VO2max
Be able to explain two ways VO2max is expressed and the best method for comparison
Be able to describe the 4 criteria used for the attainment of VO2max
Be able to explain respiratory exchange ratio (RER); how to estimate maximal heart rate; and how to teach and use the ratings of perceived exertion (RPE) scale
Be able to describe the difference in VO2max and VO2peak
Be able to explain what energy systems are used during the VO2max test and which energy system is most dominant during the test
Be able to explain the clinical significance of the VO2max test
Be able to list several factors that may affect the outcome of a VO2max test

Overview of the VO2max Lab:
In this lab we introduce VO2max testing. In Part 1 of the lab we discuss terminology, VO2max criteria, energy systems and clinical significance of the VO2max test. In Part 2 of the lab we administer a VO2max test, analyze the data and discuss factors that affect testing. The key objective of this lab is familiarization with all factors and criteria for running and analyzing a VO2max test.

There are 2 YOUTUBE videos to watch: Part 1 and Part 2.

Class, you will need to download the VO2max Worksheet below to complete this Lab. I suggest you complete the worksheet as you watch the VO2max Lab videos
Click Here to Download the VO2max Worksheet

Class, email your completed VO2max Worksheet to Dr. Kravitz by the DATE AND TIME INSTRUCTED BY DR. KRAVITZ

Let's start with YOUTUBE video Part 1 below. NOTE: You will answer the Worksheet questions directly from the information presented in the YOUTUBE videos.

Click here for Part 1 of the VO2max Lab for PEP326L

Now, let's watch Part 2 of the VO2max Lab. Below is the link.

Click here for Part 2 of the VO2max Lab for PEP326L

Thank you.