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Altitude Training

What are the three most common altitude training methods?

1) Live low, train high

2) Live high, train high

3) Live high, train low

What is the BEST method and why? Answer = Live high, train low

Let's discuss why.
The MOST effective altitude training method is “live high, train low” which involves living at altitude and training at sea level. This is because we are able to initiate erythropoiesis (increased red blood cell production) during rest and are able to train at a higher intensity while exercising at a lower altitude.

The “live low, train high” method involves living at sea level and training at high altitude. This is the least effective altitude training method because of the lower partial pressure of oxygen associated with high altitude. “Live high, train high” requires an individual to live at altitude and train at altitude. This only produces small improvements in exercise performance.