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The Lobo Language Acquisition Lab (LLA LLA Lab) is housed in the University of New Mexico's Linguistics Department. We study child language development through the lens of usage-based and cognitive-functional linguistics. Current projects include research on children's acquisition of minority language grammars in New Mexico, including Spanish and ASL; signed language development; children's acquisition of morphosyntactic variation; language activation in bi-modal bilinguals; and assessment of bilingual children's language skills.

Lab News

Our lab was featured in a UNM News story !

New study by Agnes Villwock and collaborators at UNM finds that Deaf school children activate ASL signs while reading English words.

Naomi Shin & Jill Morford's article "Demonstratives in Spanish: Children’s developing conceptualization of interactive space" was published in 2021.

With support from the Dept of Linguistics, the Lab hosted a talk on Nov. 9, 2020 by Dr. Lisa Green, UMASS Amherst, on children's acquisition of African American English.

Lab members Shin, Morford, Hinojosa-Cantú, & Shaffer's article Demonstratives as indicators of interactional focus: Spatial and social dimensions of Spanish este/esta and ese/esa was published in Cognitive Linguistics in 2020!

New article by Jill Morford and colleagues on demonstratives in ASL! Download here.

Lab members Morford & Shin presented findings from the McCune-funded project "Assessing early childhood language in a multilingual/multicultural context" on October 25, 2019 at the Hispanic Linguistics Symposium in El Paso..

UNM researchers Jill Morford, Tamera Yazzie, Ashley Chaves, Raegan Reeves, & Naomi Shin presented a workshop on language assessment to YDI Head Start teachers on August 13, 2019.

Congratulations to Naomi Shin & Jill Morford for receiving a 2019 McCune Foundation Grant to support the "Assessing early childhood language in a multilingual/multicultural context" project.

Department of Linguistics. MSC03-2130 1. University of New Mexico. Albuquerque, NM 87131.

Physical Location: Humanities, Room 447 Phone: 505-277-6353 lobolanguage@unm.edu