Ten Philosophical Questions to Ask About Buddhism

A series of ten talks
by Richard P. Hayes (Dh. Dayāmati)
Leiden University
Autumn semester 2009

These lectures were sponsored by the Bukkyo Denkyo Kyokai and hosted by the International Institute for Asian Studies.

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Veth Building,
Leiden University
22 SepWhy is there philosophy in Buddhism?
29 SepCan there be a single source of all beings?
6 OctWhat is a buddha’s nature?
13 OctHow can there be personal continuity through one or more lifetimes?
20 OctWhat makes awakening possible?
27 OctCan human beings receive knowledge from non-human sources?
3 NovIs knowledge even possible?
10 NovWhat is karma and how does it ripen?
17 NovCan you give me the benefits of your good karma?
24 NovIs there such a thing as collective karma?