The googies are coming, the old people say,
To buy little children and take them away.
Fifty cents for fat ones,
Twenty cents for lean ones,
Fifteen cents for dirty ones,
Thirty cents for clean ones,
A nickel each for mean ones.

The googies are coming, and maybe tonight,
To buy little children and lock them up tight.
Eighty cents for husky ones,
Quarter for the weak ones,
Penny each for noisy ones,
A dollar for the meek ones.

Forty cents for happy ones,
Eleven cents for sad ones.
And, kiddies, when they come to buy,
It won't do you any good to cry.
But - just between yourself and I -
They never buy the bad ones!

-Shel Silverstein,
 WHERE THE SIDEWALK ENDS (Harper and Row, 1974), p. 50,
 Copyright 1974 by Evil Eye Music Inc.