Graduate Students

The number of resident sociology graduate students in recent years has been between 40 and 50. Of these, slightly more than half are M.A. students, and slightly more than half are women. The student population is ethnically and racially diverse. Recent graduates have found employment in academic institutions, ranging from large research universities to small liberal arts colleges, as well as in private, public, and non-profit research and policy positions.

Name and email Program Area(s) of Interest/Research Office Phone Curriculum Vitae
Danielle Albright Doctoral Social movements, Public policy, Violence, Gender     open pdf
Marian A. Azab Docotoral        
Rebecca Beals Doctoral Higher Education, Race, Class & Gender, Social Inequality 1063 277-8992 open pdf
Andrew Breidenbach Master        
Erin Coleman Doctoral Gender, Social Inequality, Deviance      
Carrie E. Cutler Doctoral        
Alison Dunn Doctoral Education, Race & Ethnicity 1092 277-8315  
Rebecca Erickson Doctoral Education, Race & Ethnicity, Gender 1075 277-8316  
Mallory Fallin Doctoral        
Max Fitzpatrick Doctoral   1059 277-0471  
Brenda Green Lauts Doctoral   1059 277-0471  
Heavan C. Handley Doctoral        
Alma A. Hernandez Doctoral        
Michael Howland Davis Doctoral        
Gillian Joyce Master Gender      
Yuka Kawahito Doctoral        
Siobhan Kilbride Doctoral        
Thomas Maestas Master        
Kelly K. McCarthy Master        
Michael Muhammad Doctoral Race & Ethnicity 1073 277-8317  
Christen Moreland Docotoral Sociology of Religion 1063 277-8992  
Jeff Nowacki Doctoral Criminology 1063 277-8992 open pdf
Kathryn Overton Master Poverty, Sociology of Development 1057 277-0470  
Danielle K. Pasko Doctoral        
James Richards Master        
David River Master        
Carmela Roybal Doctoral        
Kristin Roybal Master Sustainability, Quantitative Methods, Race, Gender 1073 277-8317  
Elizabeth Sabbath Doctoral        
Elise Samuelson Master Sex and gender, Sexuality, Education, Children and Youth     open pdf
Amanda J. Seeman Master        
Michael Slone Doctoral Development, Economic Sociology, Labor, Sociological Theory     open pdf
Eric Tomala Viteri Doctoral        
Eric Turner Doctoral Social Movements, Comparative Sociology, Sociology of Europe 1059 277-0471 open pdf
Billy Ulibarrí Doctoral Gender, Migration, Civil society, Race & ethnicity 1092 277-8315 open pdf
Jimmy Valdes Doctoral        
Cirila Estela Vasquez Guzman Doctoral Medical Sociology 1063 277-8992  
Amy Whitfield Doctoral Sociology of Health 1063 277-8316  
Deidre J. Williams Master Education, Race, Gender & Class, Sex and Gender      
Jon M. Williams Doctoral Comparative (in Latin America) Sociology, Stratification      
Elena Windsong Doctoral Race & Ethnicity, Gender 1071 277-8991 open pdf
Karen Xin Wang Doctoral        
Wenbin Yan Doctoral Social capital, Organizations, Race & Ethnicity     open pdf