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Atomic Layer Deposition of L-Alnaine Polypeptide.
Fu, Y.; Li, B.; Jiang, Y.-B.; Dunphy, D.; Tsai, A.; Tam, S. Y.; Fan, H. Y.; Zhang, H.; Rogers, D. M.; Rempe, S. B.; Atanassov, P.; Cecchi, J. L.; Brinker, C. J. JACS 2014, 136, 15821-15824.

Surface interactions with compartmentalized cellular phosphates explain rare earth oxide nanoparticle hazard and provide opportunities for safer design.
Li, R.; Ji, Z.; Chang, C. H.; Dunphy, D. R.; Cai, X.; Meng, H.; Zhang, H.; Sun, B.; Wang, X.; Dong, J.; Lin, S.; Wang, M.; Liao, Y. P.; Brinker, C. J.; Nel, A. E.; Xia, T. ACS Nano 2014, 8, 1771-1783.

Synthetic fossilization of soft biological tissues and their shape-preserving transformation into silica or electron-conductive replicas.
Townson, J. L.; Lin, Y.-S.; Chou, S. S.; Awad, Y. H.; Coker, E. N.; Brinker, C. J.; Kaehr, B.. Nat Comm 2014, 5 (5665).

Porous ice phases with VI and distorted VII structures constrained in nanoporous silica.
Zhu, J.; Quan, Z.; Lin, Y. S.; Jiang, Y. B.; Wang, Z.; Zhang, J.; Jin, C.; Zhao, Y.; Liu, Z.; Brinker, C. J.; Zxu, H.. Nano Letters 2014, 14, 6554-6558.


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