Brinker group Team members

c. jeffrey brinker

Dr. Brinker is currently one of four Sandia National Laboratory Fellows and a Distinguished and Regent’s Professor at the University of New Mexico. He pioneered sol-gel science and materials synthesis from soluble molecular precursors. Dr. Brinker continues to be a top contributor in his field with cutting-edge publications, numerous invited speaker requests and countless awards.

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darren dunphy

Darren is a Research Profressor and is currently working on synthesis, processing, and characterization of nanomaterials. He is also developing micro and nanosturcture tailored systems using templates, self-assembly, SAXS, XRD and sol-gel processing.

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jacob ongudi agola

Jacob is a Research Assistant Professor and Dr. Brinker's current laboratory manager. He is working on developing diverse nanoparticle carrier platforms to deliver lethal antisense nucleic acids into drug-resistant pathogenic bacteria.

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kim butler

Kim is a Research Assistant Professor working with Dr. Brinker. Her research interests are coming soon.


Contact information for Kim is coming soon.

christophe theron

Christophe is a PostDoc with the University of New Mexico. His current work involves developing mesoporous silica nanoparticles and protocells as a drug delivery system for targeted therapy, in addition to work based on silification of mammalian cell models.

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stanley chou

Stanley is a PostDoc with Sandia National Laboratory. His current focus is on synthesis of 2-D transition metal dichalcoginides for applications in photomaterial therapy and solar water splitting.

See Stanley's latest publication HERE.

yaqin fu

Yaqin is currently a PostDoc in Dr. Brinker's group. He is working on atomic layer deposition of nanoparticle catalysts, polymers and peptides for applications in CO2 sequestration, water purification and advanced catalytic reactors.

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annikka jensen

Annikka is currently an IGERT Fellow and UNM Graduate student. Her studies include characterization of experimental principles of averting cellular macropinocytosis of rod- and spherical shaped mesoporous silica nanoparticles.

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paul durfee

Paul is a University of New Mexico Graduate student. His work includes optimization and development of silica supported lipid bilayer nanoparticle platform (Protocells) for use in in vitro and in vivo targeted delivery of therapeutic and diagnostic agents to cancer and various other disease models.

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terisse brocato

Terisse is a Graduate student with Dr. Brinker. Her current work focuses on nanotherapy platforms that can better chemotherapy delivery through the use of targeted nanoparticles.

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jimin guo

Jimin is currently a Graduate student in Dr. Brinker's group. He is working on the fabrication and application of cell/silica composites.

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ayse muniz

Ayse is an Undergraduate student working with Dr. Brinker. Her work centers around the Protocell. She is working on evaluating the potential of protocells as a platform for targeted in vivo delivery of nucleic acids for gene therapy applications.

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amanda lokke

Amanda is an Undergraduate student and is currently studying synthesis, modification, and characterization of silica nanostructures for various cargo delivery into biological systems.

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edward wyckoff

Eddie is currently and Undergraduate student working in Dr. Brinker's lab. His interests include processing, fluorescence imaging and analysis of tissue samples to better understand silica nanoparticle biodistribution.

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michael salazar

Michael is an Undergraduate student working with Dr. Brinker. His work focuses on characterizing the interaction of rare earth oxide particles with model non-pathogenic bacteria.

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richard abraham

Richard is an Undergraduate working in Dr.Brinker's lab. Areas of study coming soon.


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Group members are listed in no particluar order.

kennard wilson

Kennard is a Graduate student in Dr. Brinker's group as well an employee at Los Alamos National Laboratory. His projects center around characterizing reaction kinetics of Lithium Hydride and Water at ultralow relative humidity values.

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