"Protocells and Their Use for Targeted Delivery of Multicomponent Cargos to Cancer Cells." Allowed July 8, 2016.

Patent # 14/627,739

Inventors: Juewen Liu, Xingmao Jiang, Carlee Erin Ashley, C, Jeffrey Brinker, Eric C. Carnes, David S. Peabody, Walker Wharton, Bryce Chackerian, Cheryl L. Willman.


"Cell-Based Composite Materials with Programmed Structures and Functions". Issued March 1, 2016

Patent # 9,273,305.

Inventors: Bryan J. Kaehr, C. Jeffrey Brinker, and Jason L. Townson.


"Durable Polymer-Aerogel Based Superhydrophobic Coatings: A Composite Material". Issued February 2, 2016

Patent # 9,249,333

Inventors: David Kissel, C. Jeffrey Brinker.


"Enzymatially Active High-Flux Selectively Gas-Permeable Membranes". Issued January 26, 2016

Patent # 9,242,210 B1.

Inventors: Ying-Bing Jiang, Joseph L. Cecchi, Susan Rempe, Yaqin Fu, C. Jeffrey Brinker.


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