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LOBO Trax Degree Audit

A LOBO Trax degree audit report is an advisement tool which tracks a student's progress to graduation.  This automated report matches courses a student has completed with the requirements of a particular academic degree program.

LOBO Trax Navigation Demo

For more information regarding LOBO Trax or to view a demonstration on how to navigate LOBO Trax, visit

LOBO Trax Degree Audit Training

LOBO Trax is a specialized function within the Banner Student System.  LOBO Trax training includes information about what it is, what is does, how to run a degree audit and how to review that degree audit report.

To gain access for running degree audits, you must:

  1. Pass the "Securing Private Date - EXAM"
  2. Complete "Banner Workshop for Advisors"
  3. Complete "LOBO Trax Degree Audit" Training

Training sessions on LOBO Trax are held at least once a month at the UNM Business Center.  If you wish to attend a training session, please sign-up for a session at Learning Central.  Login at Learning Center ( using your UNM Net ID and password.  Browse the Catalog.  Look for the "LOBO Trax Degree Audit" under the "Banner Student" section.

For advisors who are authorized to make course exception and substitutions to a studentís LOBO Trax degree audit, you must complete additional training in addition to the "LOBO Trax Degree Audit" training.  Please sign-up for the "LOBO Trax Exception Request" training through Learning Central. 

LOBO Trax References

LOBO Trax Quick Reference:  How to run & view a LOBO Trax report

LOBO Trax Quick Reference:  How to run a What-If

LOBO Trax Quick Reference:  How to run a TCE (Transfer Credit Evaluation)

LOBO Trax Quick Reference:  Planned Courses - What are They?

LOBO Trax Quick Reference:  Adding a Second Major through Update Data



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