Joseph H. Greenberg (1915-2001)

Joseph H. Greenberg was one of the greatest linguists of the twentieth century. Greenberg founded the modern field of linguistic typology, and his research spanned almost all of the subfields of linguistics. His many papers have been collected in several volumes, including Essays in Linguistics (University of Chicago Press, 1957), Language, Culture and Communication (Stanford University Press, 1971), On Language (Stanford University Press, 1990), and Genetic Linguistics (Oxford University Press, 2005). This page includes a number of items related to Joseph H. Greenberg's research, including unpublished work of his.

Language Obituary, corrected version (PDF). This is a corrected version of the obituary published in Language in 2001. (The corrections were published separately in 2002.)

Complete Bibliography (PDF). This list represents all of Greenberg's known publications (some publications may be republished in the future).

"On the loss of vowel harmony systems in some Chukotian languages" (PDF). This paper was written in 1990 and a Russian translation was published in Voprosy Jazykoznanija in 1991 (bibliography entry 217). However, the English original was never published, and so I have made it available here.

Merritt Ruhlen and Joseph H. Greenberg, Amerind Etymological Dictionary (PDF). This is an extensively revised and expanded version of the etymological dictionary in Greenberg's Language in the Americas (bibliography entry 192). It is the last entry in Greenberg's bibliography (entry 254).