Typology and Universals (2nd edition, 2003)

Comparison of the grammars of human languages reveals systematic patterns of variation. Typology and universals research uncovers those patterns to formulate universal constraints on language and seek their explanation. Typology and universals (2nd edition, 2003) presents a comprehensive introduction to the method and theory used in studying typology and universals. The theoretical issues discussed range from the most fundamental - on what basis can the grammars of diverse languages be compared? - to the most abstract - what is the role of functional and historical explanations of language universals? The book provides students and researchers with many examples of language universals in phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics.

Cambridge University Press website: Typology and Universals

Errata for Typology and Universals, 2nd edition (PDF)

Problem sets, updated August 2014 (PDF; 130 pages)

Abbreviations and symbols for interlinear morpheme translation (PDF)

Leipzig Glossing Rules