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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Kim S, Cho YS, Kim HM, Chung O, Kim H, Jho S, Seomun H, Kim J, Bang WY, Kim C, An J, Bae CH, Bhak Y, Jeon S, Yoon H, Kim Y, Jun J, Lee H, Cho S, Uphyrkina O, Kostyria A, Goodrich J, Miquelle D, Roelke M, Lewis J, Yurchenko A, Bankevich A, Cho J, Lee S, Edwards JS, Weber JA, Cook J, Kim S, Lee H, Manica A, Lee I, O'Brien SJ, Bhak J, Yeo JH. 2016. Comparison of carnivore, omnivore, and herbivore mammalian genomes with a new leopard assembly. Genome Biology 17:211. Full Text HTML

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Tyler CR, Weber JA, Labrecque M, Hessinger JM, Edwards JS, Allan AM. 2015. ChIP-Seq analysis of the adult male mouse brain after developmental exposure to arsenic. Data in Brief 5:248-54. Full Text HTML PDF

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Weber JA, Baxter DH, Zhang S, Huang DY, Huang KH, Lee MJ, Galas DJ, Wang K. 2010. The microRNA spectrum in 12 body fluids. Clinical Chemistry 56(11):1733-41. Full Text HTML PDF

Wang K, Zhang S, Weber JA, Baxter D, Galas DJ. 2010. Export of microRNAs and microRNA-protective protein by mammalian cells. Nucleic Acids Research 38(20): 7248-59. Full Text HTML PDF

Non-Refereed Publications

Weber JA, Aldana R, Gallagher BD, Edwards JS. (2016). Sentieon DNA pipeline for variant detection - Software-only solution, over 20× faster than GATK 3.3 with identical results. PeerJ PrePrints 4:e1672v1 PDF