Universities That Accept ASL In Fulfillment Of Foreign Language Requirements


List maintained by
Sherman Wilcox, Ph.D.
University of New Mexico

PLEASE NOTE: This list is for colleges and universities that accept ASL in fulfillment of GRADUATION requirements. It does NOT address ADMISSION requirements. See the new Notes section below for more specific information about schools and state acceptance of ASL as a foreign language, etc. If you have information about your school or state that you would like added to the Notes section, please contact me.

  1. 1.Abilene Christian University

  2. 2.American University

  3. 3.Anderson University, SC

  4. 4.Antioch College (Ohio)

  5. 5.Arcadia University

  6. 6.Arizona State University

  7. 7.Augsburg College (Minneapolis, MN)

  8. 8.Augustana University

  9. 9.Austin College

  10. 10.Baylor University (only in School of Education and the College of Health and Human Sciences)

  11. 11.Bethel College (Indiana)

  12. 12.Boston University

  13. 13.Bowling Green State University

  14. 14.Brandeis University

  15. 15.Brigham Young University

  16. 16.Brown University

  17. 17.Butler University (Indiana)

  18. 18.Cabrillo College (California)

  19. 19.California State University system: All 23 CSU campuses accept ASL in fulfillment of the foreign language graduation requirement

  20. 20.Capital University (Columbus, OH)

  21. 21.Catholic University

  22. 22.Central Connecticut State University

  23. 23.Central Washington University

  24. 24.Centralia College

  25. 25.Clark University (Worcester, MA)

  26. 26.Clemson University

  27. 27.College of St. Catherine (MN)

  28. 28.College of Southern Idaho

  29. 29.College of Staten Island

  30. 30.College of St. Rose (Albany, NY)

  31. 31.Dallas Baptist University

  32. 32.East Central Oklahoma State University

  33. 33.Eastern Illinois University

  34. 34.Eastern Washington University

  35. 35.Elms College (Chicopee MA)

  36. 36.The Evergreen College (Washington)

  37. 37.Florida A & M University

  38. 38.Florida Atlantic University

  39. 39.Florida Atlantic University Honors College (Wilkes Honors College)

  40. 40.Florida Gulf Coast University

  41. 41.Florida International University

  42. 42.Florida State University

  43. 43.Framingham State University

  44. 44.Fresno Pacific University

  45. 45.Gardner-Webb University

  46. 46.George Mason University

  47. 47.Georgetown University

  48. 48.Goshen College

  49. 49.Holy Cross College (Worcester, MA)

  50. 50.Howard University

  51. 51.Howard Payne University

  52. 52.Illinois State University

  53. 53.Indiana University

  54. 54.Kent State University

  55. 55.Lamar University

  56. 56.Linfield College

  57. 57.Loyola University

  58. 58.Lubbock Christian University

  59. 59.MacMurray College (Jacksonville IL)

  60. 60.Madonna University

  61. 61.Mary Hardin Baylor University

  62. 62.Maryville College

  63. 63.McDaniel College

  64. 64.Messiah College

  65. 65.Miami University (Oxford OH)

  66. 66.Michigan State University

  67. 67.Montclair State University

  68. 68.Neumann University (Aston, PA)

  69. 69.New College of Florida

  70. 70.New Mexico Highlands University

  71. 71.New York University (School of Education)

  72. 72.National Technical Institute for the Deaf (Rochester, NY)

  73. 73.North Greenville University (SC)

  74. 74.Northeastern University

  75. 75.Northern Arizona University

  76. 76.Northern Illinois University

  77. 77.Ohio State University

  78. 78.Ohio University

  79. 79.Oklahoma State University

  80. 80.Oregon State University

  81. 81.Pacific Lutheran University

  82. 82.Pomona College, CA

  83. 83.Portland State University

  84. 84.Purdue University

  85. 85.Radford University (Radford, VA)

  86. 86.Russell Sage College (Troy, NY)

  87. 87.Sacramento Community College

  88. 88.San Antonio College

  89. 89.San Diego State University

  90. 90.Saint Francis University

  91. 91.Scripps College (Claremont, CA)

  92. 92.Southern Connecticut State University

  93. 93.Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

  94. 94.Southern Methodist University

  95. 95.Southern Oregon University

  96. 96.Stanford University

  97. 97.SUNY Albany

  98. 98.SUNY Brockport

  99. 99.SUNY Buffalo

  100. 100.SUNY Empire State

  101. 101.SUNY Fredonia

  102. 102.SUNY Geneseo

  103. 103.SUNY Oneonta

  104. 104.SUNY Oswego

  105. 105.SUNY Plattsburgh

  106. 106.SUNY Stony Brook

  107. 107.Stephen F. Austin University

  108. 108.Tennessee Temple University

  109. 109.Texas A&M University - Central Texas

  110. 110.Texas A & M University - College Station

  111. 111.Texas A & M University - Commerce

  112. 112.Texas A & M University - Corpus Christi

  113. 113.Texas State University

  114. 114.Texas Tech University

  115. 115.Texas Wesleyan University

  116. 116.Texas Woman's University

  117. 117.Truman State University

  118. 118.Tufts University

  119. 119.Tulane University

  120. 120.University of Akron

  121. 121.University of Alaska (Fairbanks)

  122. 122.University of Arizona

  123. 123.University of Arkansas (Little Rock)

  124. 124.University of Buffalo

  125. 125.University of Calif. at Berkeley

  126. 126.University of Calif. at San Diego

  127. 127.University of Calif. at Davis

  128. 128.University of California Los Angeles

  129. 129.University of Central Florida

  130. 130.University of Chicago

  131. 131.University of Cincinnati

  132. 132.University of Colorado-Boulder

  133. 133.University of Connecticut

  134. 134.University of Findlay (Ohio)

  135. 135.University of Florida

  136. 136.University of Georgia (Athens)

  137. 137.University of Hawaii (Manoa)

  138. 138.University of Iceland

  139. 139.University of Illinois-Chicago

  140. 140.University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  141. 141.University of Iowa

  142. 142.University of Kansas

  143. 143.University of Louisville (KY)

  144. 144.University of Maryland

  145. 145.University of Massachusetts

  146. 146.University of Maine at Machias

  147. 147.University of Miami

  148. 148.University of Michigan

  149. 149.University of Minnesota

  150. 150.University of Missouri (all campuses)

  151. 151.University of Nevada-Reno

  152. 152.University of New Hampshire (Durham)

  153. 153.University of New Hampshire (Manchester)

  154. 154.University of New Mexico

  155. 155.University of North Carolina (Asheville)

  156. 156.University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)

  157. 157.University of North Carolina (Charlotte)

  158. 158.University of North Carolina (Greensboro)

  159. 159.University of North Carolina (Wilmington)

  160. 160.University of North Florida

  161. 161.University of North Texas (Denton)

  162. 162.University of Northern Colorado

  163. 163.University of Northern Iowa

  164. 164.University of Oregon

  165. 165.University of Pennsylvania

  166. 166.University of Pittsburgh

  167. 167.University of Rochester

  168. 168.University of San Francisco

  169. 169.University of Southern Florida

  170. 170.University of Tennessee

  171. 171.University of Texas - Austin

  172. 172.University of Texas - Pan American

  173. 173.University of Texas-San Antonio

  174. 174.University of Tulsa

  175. 175.University of Utah

  176. 176.University of Vermont

  177. 177.University of Virginia

  178. 178.University of Washington

  179. 179.University of West Florida

  180. 180.University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

  181. 181.University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

  182. 182.University of Wyoming

  183. 183.Utah State University

  184. 184.Utah Valley University

  185. 185.Vassar College

  186. 186.Virginia Tech

  187. 187.Washington State University

  188. 188.Weber State University

  189. 189.West Virginia University (School of Journalism majors)

  190. 190.Western Oregon University

  191. 191.Western Washington University

  192. 192.William Rainey Harper College (Palatine, IL)

  193. 193.William Woods University

  194. 194.Wright State University (Ohio)

  195. 195.Xavier University (Cincinnati)

  196. 196.Xavier University (Louisiana)

  197. 197.Yale University

List updated  September 9, 2019

Please Note (Disclaimer):

Some people have asked about how information is obtained for this page, and thus whether it is exhaustive and accurate. I must point out three things about the list.

First, I have not contacted these schools. The list began almost 10 years ago when I was in contact with colleagues who were able to supply reliable information. I collected this information and made it available on request. Later, I made the list available on the web. As more and more people read this list and provide new information, it has become ever more difficult to ensure the accuracy of the information. Increasingly, the data for the list comes from people -- students, faculty, or administrators -- at these schools who have contacted me and reported that the school accepts ASL as a foreign language. When I find an institution to be incorrectly listed, I immediately remove it from the list. If readers know or suspect that a listed school does not accept ASL, please let me know so that I can remove the school from this list.

Second, the type of acceptance can vary greatly from school to school. Some institutions have formal policies accepting ASL in fulfillment of the foreign language requirement. Others accept ASL only within certain colleges, divisions, or departments. Still others may accept ASL on an ad hoc basis for certain majors. I attempt to exclude schools from the list when I can determine that the "acceptance" is on an individual or ad hoc basis. I cannot guarantee that I always catch these cases, however.

Third, because this is an informal list, it is not exhaustive. There may be schools which accept ASL as a foreign language which are not listed. If readers know of schools accepting ASL in fulfillment of the undergraduate foreign language requirements which are not listed, please contact me. It is helpful if you include the email address for a contact person at the institution. It is even better if you ask an official at the institution to contact me directly.



All 23 California State University campuses accept ASL in fulfillment of the foreign language graduation requirement


In Kentucky any state college or university that offers ASL must accept it as a modern language credit. When a high school student takes it at the high school level it can satisfy their modern language entrance requirement for any state school.


The University System of Maryland (USM) now accepts ASL as a foreign language. This statewide policy will cause Maryland universities and local school boards to adopt similar policies concerning ASL instruction. Montgomery County has been the first to do so.


Legislation mandates that ASL meets foreign language high school graduation and four-year admission requirements:

“Pursuant to any foreign language requirement established by the state board of education or a local school district, or both, for purposes of high school graduation, students who receive instruction in American Sign Language shall be considered to have satisfied the state or local school district foreign language graduation requirement. Minimum admission standards will be established for four-year institutions, including a requirement that coursework in American Sign Language shall satisfy any foreign language requirement the board or the institution may establish as a general undergraduate admissions requirement.”

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