1st Annual Hikidashi Fire Show
April 28th through May 14th, 2004

The show this year is more sculptural. Scale, multiples and the development of ideas are new focuses.

An exciting touch is the international flavor. It is a pleasure to show works by Doug Black and Aaron Scythe. The two that introduced me to hikidashi in Japan were gracious enough ship a few pieces to be a part of the 1st Annual Hikidashi Fire Show. They were part of last years show in writing. I explained how they just started to do the rare firing technique together there. We keep in contact about our hikidashi progress through e-mail and digital images. It is cool to see their development of hikidashi going on there while we find our way here.

left to right: UFO Tea Bowl Aaron Scythe (Mashiko Japan), Hikidashi Guro Vessel, Comet-001 Douglas Black (Motegi Japan) , Tea Caddy Aaron Scythe

Hikidashi has come a long way in its second year at UNM Valencia.

Last years show was about figuring out how to do hikidashi with our equipment and materials. There was a large variety of work testing out different directions.

Since then I have lectured on hikidashi for art groups and colleges nationally. It still remains a relatively unknown process that will soon come to light as a specialty of UNM Valencia.


Interview with
Douglas Black
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Interview with
Aaron Scythe
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