Revised from the companion document for a poster presentation,
65th Annual Meeting, Society for American Archaeology
Philadelphia, April 6, 2000

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This essay has been published. The citation is as follows:

Phillips, David A., Jr., 2002, The Chaco Meridian: A Skeptical Analysis. In Mogollon Archaeology: Collected Papers from the Eleventh Mogollon Conference, 20th Anniversary Volume, edited by Patrick H. Beckett, pp. 189–214. COAS Publishing and Research, Las Cruces.

The volume can be ordered online at or by contacting COAS at 800-592-8471 or


Stephen Lekson's new book Chaco Meridian,argues that a single prehistoric elite consciously placed the centers of Chaco Canyon, Aztec Ruin, and Paquimé on the same meridian. A detailed review of spatial, temporal, and other data indicates that Lekson's hypothesis is incorrect.

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