Crossings of Breath:
Indigenous & Black Relations in North America
The Conference Presenters Program

SUB Lobo A and B

Refreshments—compliments of the Western History Association


Opening Prayer: Gregory Cajete, Director of Native American Studies


Welcome: Jennifer Denetdale, History; Elizabeth Archuleta, English


Natives and Africans: Convergences and Divergences

Moderator: Finnie Coleman, Director of African American Studies


Daniel Littlefield, University of Arkansas

“The Politics of Researching Black Indians”


James Brooks, President, School of American Research

“From Ignacio to the National: Thinking About the Meaning of Native/African American Research”


Cortez Williams, African American Studies

“The Essence of Black and Native American Relations Before the 18th Century”


Roundtable—Lived Experiences—Being Native and Black

Moderators: Patrick Willink and Leona Morgan, Kiva club


Radmilla Cody (Dine'/African-American)

Robert Collins (Choctaw/African-American)

Monica Joiner (Dine'/African-American)

Jackie Walker (Cochiti/African-American)

1:00-2:30 Lunch on your own

The Politics of Being Native and Black—History, Race, and Culture

Moderator: Elizabeth Archuleta, English


Susan Miller, Arizona State University

“Sources and Discourses of Tribal Sovereignty and ‘Black Indians” Entitlement: The Seminole Case”


Celia Naylor, Dartmouth College

“(Re) presenting Race, Culture and Nation”

Robert Collins, University of California-Berkeley

“When Playing Indian Is a Misplaced Assumption: Evidence From Black Choctaw Life Histories”


Evening Events (need ticket to attend)   

Welcome: Elizabeth Archuleta, Gregory Cajete, and Jennifer Denetdale

Prayer: Kellen Shelendewa, UNM Student


Keynote: Tiya Miles, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

“Bridging the Breach: Toward an Ethos of Healing in Afro-Native Relations”


Musical Performance

Introduction: Miss Indian UNM—Jackie Walker


Performance: Miss Radmilla Cody, Navajo Nation