• In-class group work & collaborative exercises       15%
  • Annotated bibliography                                          20%
  • Group presentation/individual grade                     20%
  • Group presentation/group grade                          20%
  • Group contribution to class website                     25%

In-class Group Work and Collaborative Exercises/Participation: (Rubric 1, 15%)

Collaborative exercises might be whole-class events or they might be done in small groups. Some collaborative exercises will be done in pairs - in particular, those exercises that require close and extensive attention (such as analyzing difficult readings). Other collaborative exercises will be done when it is beneficial to receive many points of view. This assignment is an indication that our work in the classroom will be based on a community of scholars coming together to work and discuss the readings.

Annotated Bibliography: (20%) -- click to get handout
This handout includes instructions for an argument proposal.  You only need to pay attention to the instructions for an annotated bibliography.

Group Presentation: (Rubric 2/Individual 20%/Group 20%)
The group presentation allows a group of students to work together to explore a topic relevant to the course but not necessarily covered in class. Working together, a group can cover more ground than one can on one's own. This is a multi-part assignment. First, I will assign groups that you will work with throughout the semester. Second, your group will choose a subtopic within Indigenous feminism to research. Third, each group member will work with their group on the larger subtopic but will also work alone, researching and writing material that you will discuss with your group when you come together to work. Fourth, you will create an annotated bibliography based on your individual research. Fifth, you and your group will write up your research and present it to the class. Sixth, your group will decide how you want to combine all of your individual research into something that your group will then post to the class website.

Your group will be allotted approximately 45 minutes for your presentations. Be creative and bring in visuals, powerpoints, music, etc. Do not, however, rely too much on something like a movie to "present" for your group.  I am interested in hearing about all the wonderful research your group did and will expect that much of the presentation time will be spent on this. Every student gets an individual grade (20%) for one's contribution as well as a group grade (20%) for the group's effort.

Class Website on Indigenous Feminisms/Group Contribution: (25%)
Individual and collaborative research and presentations will culminate in a final project, which I will put up as a class website. Be sure to find creative and multimedia ways to present your work, since this project will be available to the public. See Professor Marķa Cotera's
class website as an example of what you, as a class, might create. In addition to what you'll find on Dr. Cotera's website, we can jazz ours up by including images, relevant web links, articles, and more that you think will help others understand your topic in Indigenous feminisms. Also think about design, including colors, a class logo, etc.

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