Week One / Orientation and Introductions to the course     W 8/23            



Week Two / Dealing with Anger     W 8/30

Placed in groups today

[T]he emotion which accompanies the first steps toward liberation is, for most women, anger. . . . Through the exercise of your anger . . . you gain strength. . . . [A]nger finds its ultimate meaning as an experience shared with other women. All striving to understand their collective situation, women in a group can help each other through the first, painful phase of outward-directed anger. . . . Controlled, directed, but nonetheless passionate, anger moves from the personal to the political and becomes a force for shaping our new destiny. —Susi Kaplow, "Getting Angry" (1971)


Graduate students

Week Three / What is Indigenous feminism?      W 9/6

Graduate students

  • Aileen Moreton-Robinson, chapters from Talkin' Up To the White Woman

Week Four / Early Indigenous Feminisms and Contemporary Expressions        W 9/13


Week Five / Indigenous Womanhood and Motherhood     W 9/20


  • Victoria Bomberry, "Blood, Rebellion, and Motherhood in the Political Imagination of Indigenous People" RNAW, 21-37
  • Deborah A. Miranda, "Dildos, Hummingbirds and Driving Her Crazy: Searching for American Indian Women's Love Poetry and Erotics," RNAW 203-218
  • Grace Boyne, "Invocation: Navajo Prayer" REL, 32-34
  • Joy Harjo, "Warrior Road" REL, 54-61
  • Betty Louise Bell, "Beat the Drum Slowly" REL, 74-82
  • Dian Million, "The Housing Poem" REL, 163
  • Marilou Awiakta, "Amazons in Appalachia," REL, 469-478
  • Nora Naranjo-Morse, "Pearlene" 59-60, "Pearlene's Aunts" 63-66, "Pearlene's Roots" 67-68 (Naranjo-Morse file)

Graduate students

Week Six / Indigenous Women, Boarding School, and Education          W 9/27


  • Andrea Smith, Conquest Ch. 2
  • Janice Gould, "Telling Stories to the Seventh Generation: Resisting the Assimilationist Narrative of Stiya RNAW, 9-20
  • Berenice Levchuk, "Leaving Home for Carlisle Indian School" REL, 175-186
  • Nora Naranjo-Morse, "Gia's Song," REL 467-469
  • Rosemary M. Huggsins, "Grandma Weaver's Last Arrow," REL 493-496

Graduate students

Week Seven / Indigenous Women's Activism     W 10/4


  • Donna Hightower Langston.  "American Indian Women's Activism in the 1960s and 1970s."  Hypatia 18.2 (2003): 114-132.
  • Joanne Barker and Teresia Teaiwa, "Native InFormation" RNAW 107-127
  • Andrea Smith. "Anticolonial Responses to Gender Violence." Conquest 137-175
  • "Stolen Sisters: Discrimination and Violence against Indigenous Women in Canada," Amnesty International Website, <http://www.amnesty.ca/stolensisters/index.php>

Week Eight / Indigenous Women and Violence     W 10/11


  • Andrea Smith, Conquest Ch. 1, 3, NO CLASS, get together with group this week to begin preparing for presentation and class web material subject matter. Begin compiling material for your annotated bibliography, due 11/8.
Week Nine / Indigenous Women and Violence     W 10/18


  • Andrea Smith, Conquest, Ch. 4-6
  • June McGlashan, "The Island of Women" REL 67-71
  • Janet Campbell Hale, "The Only Good Indian," REL, 123-148
  • Chrystos, "The Old Indian Granny" REL, 231-233
Week Ten / Indigenous Women, Identity, and the Law     W 10/25           

Graduate students

Week Eleven / Indigenous Women and Prison     W 11/1
  • Luana Ross, "Personalizing Methodology: Narratives of Imprisoned Native Women," RNAW, 39
  • Elizabeth Cook-Lynn, "The Big Pipe Case," RNAW, 77
  • Tiffany Midge, "Written in Blood," REL, 211
Week Twelve / Indigenous Women, Tourism, and the Commercializaton of Indigenous Cultures     W 11/8     

Annotated Bibliography due  


Graduate students

Week Thirteen / Indigenous Women, Writing, and Academic Research     W 11/15           
  • Reid Gómez, "The Storyteller's Escape: Sovereignty and Worldview," RNAW 145-169
  • Inés Hernández-Avila, "Relocations Upon Relocations: Home, Language and Native American Women's Writings," RNAW 171-187
  • Elizabeth Woody, "By Our Hand, through the Memory, the House Is More than Form," RNAW 510-515
  • Mary C. Churchill, "Out of Bounds: Indigenous Knowing and the Study of Religion," RNAW 251-268
  • Emma LaRocque, "The Colonization of a Native Woman Scholar" (Miller & Chuchryk file)
  • "Introduction," REL, 19

Graduate students

  • Linda Tuhiwai Smith, chapters from Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and Indigenous Peoples
Week Fourteen     W 11/22
  • Begin Presentations if necessary.
  • Web materials due/this is your final project. Discuss web design.
Week Fifteen / Review Week & Presentations     W 11/29           
Week Sixteen / Presentations (conclude)     W 12/6