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Welcome to Psychology 105, General Psychology. 

In this course we'll look at the fascinating spectrum of human behavior. 

We will cover topics like how our brains and our genes control our behaviors.

We'll look at some of the ways children learn to think, how they form attachments to their parents, and how our behaviors change from infancy through old age. 

What's the best way to study?  And why do we remember traumatic events with such clarity?  We'll explore how we learn and how we remember. 

Did you know that our brains are very active while we're asleep?  Why do we dream?  How do drugs influence our consciousness and behavior? 

Why do we get stressed out?  And how can we manage our stress? 

How do we influence the people around us, and how much do they influence us? What leads people to be attracted to each other?  What causes some people to become prejudiced against other groups of people?

What can go wrong with our brains, and how is this expressed as mental illness?  How are psychotherapy and drugs used to treat mental illness? 

We'll look at these and many other questions about ourselves and the people around us.

This semester, PSY 105 Section 300 is offered online .

I’m looking forward to an interesting semester exploring these topics and more with you.


The textbook for this course is FREE online - we will use this online textbook in this class, but you are not required to purchase it. An inexpensive paper copy can be ordered from the publisher if you prefer to have it in book form.


The textbook for PSY 105 will be complied from the online textbook, Introduction to Psychology: The Full Noba Collection. PSY 105 will use a subset of the modules in this collection; the modules are still being complied, and information for PSY 105 will be posted here as soon as it is available.

If you want to view the full Noba collection, you can find it here; each paragraph contains a link to a module (chapter) in the textbook.

Information for ordering the paper version (optional) will be provided at a later date. The price will depend on the number of pages, but in any case it will be $17.99 or less, plus shipping.



Online Class - Section 300

We will be using UNM Learn (Blackboard Learn) to deliver this class. Learn is an online course delivery system. You can find out more about Learn and view some training videos on how to use it here: http://ondemand.blackboard.com/students.htm

If you have not taken an online course before, please read this**:
Online Learning at UNM-LA: Student Guide

More information about online courses at UNM-LA is available here:

The course will open for registered students to log in on January 16 at 8:00 AM.

To log in:

  1. Go here:  http://learn.unm.edu . 
  2. Log in using your UNM NetId and password. 
  3. Select "PSY-105-300" to enter the UNM Learn classroom for this course.

In a typical week in the online classroom, you'll read a chapter from the textbook and some other free supplementary materials, view some short videos, discuss concepts from these materials with your classmates and instructor, complete a written assignment, and take a pretest and a quiz. There will also be a midterm and final exam, and you'll write two essays and prepare two projects that you'll "present" to your classmates via uploads or web links. We will not have any required class "meetings" via web conference, but I will be available to talk with you via Skype, phone, or email, and you may also use these tools to communicate with your classmates.

After you register, and before classes begin, you'll receive a welcome letter that gives you more information about what to expect in the class.

The syllabus and semester schedule will be provided here at a later date - check back after January 9.

I look forward to meeting you - online!

Dr. F
Carol S. Furchner, Ph.D
Lecturer in Psychology

** You will need Adobe Reader to view pdf files.  You may download Adobe Reader for free from here:  http://get.adobe.com/reader/