Welcome from Joe Galewsky

Joe Galewsky

For decades, geologists have recognized the potential for interactions and feedbacks between the climate and the solid Earth in a wide range of processes, ranging from hillslope evolution to mountain building, but have not generally treated the climate system with much quantitative sophistication. Likewise, climate scientists have long recognized the importance of the land surface as a lower boundary to the atmosphere, but have been largely unaware of the research questions raised by geologists regarding climate and geological processes on centennial and longer time scales.

The primary goal of the research in my group is to better understand the geological record of environmental and geodynamic change and to better predict the impact of future climate change. In particular, our research focuses on understanding the atmospheric branch of Earth’s hydrologic cycle, its role in global climate dynamics, and its links and feedbacks with the Earth’s surface. Our work emphasizes a balance between field, laboratory, and computational approaches.

We have several fully-funded positions for graduate students at the M.S. and Ph.D. level and for postdoctoral scientists. Significant opportunities for field work in the Andes Mountains and Atacama Desert of South America are available. Students and postdocs joining our group can also receive training in the use of state-of-the-art numerical weather and climate models. Please contact Joe Galewsky for further details!