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Joe Galewsky
Joe Galewsky,  Professor
Global climate dynamics of the past, present, and future; links and feedbacks between climate and the solid Earth

Current CV


Sebastian Los, thesis topic:  Discerning the controlling processes of subtropical tropospheric humidity via modeling of total-column measurements of water vapor isotopologues.

Savannah LaRosa-LoPresti, thesis topic:  Toxic metals in airborne particulate matter originating from abandoned uranium mine sites.

Past Members

Ms. Jacquelyn Delp (now at Albuquerque, NM)
Dr. Jinwoong Yoo (now at the University of Maryland)
Dr. Kimberly Sameuls-Crow (now at Northern Arizona University)
Dr. Lauren Wheeler (now at Sandia National Laboratory)
Dr. Lauren Vargo (now at Victoria University Wellington)
Mr. Alec Tunner (now at Naval Research Laboraory)
Dr. Alex Lechler (now at Pacific Lutheran University)
Dr. Dylan Ward (now at University of Cincinnati)
Dr. John Hurley (now at University at Albany)
Dr. Li Dong (now at Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Dr. Thomas Whitaker (now at UNM-Valencia)