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ESL Endorsement Summer Institute

Summer 1999

East San Jose Elementary School

Welcome to the home page for our Summer Institute. This page describes the general organizational structure for the institute and provides links to the syllabi for the three courses at the Institute. We will have approximately 40 participants in the institute who will be divided into two cohorts. All participants will be rotated through field experiences at East San Jose Elementary School including observation and participation in ESL elementary classes and ESL adult classes. Additionally everyone will spend time in the computer lab, learning to integrate technology into the classroom. Instruction will be offered on using e-mail and on-line discussion, searching the Internet, and creating your own web page. The schedule below gives an overview of the organization of the institute.

Three courses are offered at the Summer Institute: (Click on the course name to go to the home page for each course.)

History and Theory of Bilingual Education

First and Second Language Development

First Language Literacy Acquisition and Development


Course Organization

The projects and activities listed below totaling 70% will count for all three courses. Each course will also have its own distinct projects or activities totaling 30%.

On-line discussion (10%) -- Regular participation in an on-line discussion set up for the summer institute which is accessible by clicking Here. This on-line discussion allows us to ask questions, make comments, respond to questions, raise concerns, in essence to carry on a dialogue with other institute participants and the instructors.

Journal (15%) --Institute participants will keep an individual journal in which they reflect on readings, classroom discussions, and practicum experiences, as well as anything else that motivates them. At several points during the institute, participants will exchange journals and respond to their partner, who most likely will be in a different cohort.

Web Project (20%) -- Each institute participant will create their own web page which will contain some of the work that they have produced at the Institute as well as a lesson that will involve the students in their classroom in using the Internet. The web project will be due on July 14th.

Theoretical Paper (25%) -- This 7-10 page paper will provide institute participants to reflect on their evolving theoretical foundation and the way that their views on effective pedagogical practice flows from it. Drawing on materials presented in the three courses and their practica, participants will describe the development of their understanding of second language learning and ways that teachers can facilitate the learning experiences of linguistically diverse students. We will collectively discuss what should be represented in this paper and will engage in a peer response to rough drafts of the papers which will be due June 28th. The final copy of the paper will be due July 9th.

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