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Phil Sheridan & His Army

by Paul Andrew Hutton, PhD 

Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1999
ISBN: 0-8061-3188-8
Paperback, $19.95

Winner of the Organization of American Historians Billington Prize, the Evans Biography Award, and the Western Writers of American Spur Award.

"Paul Hutton's study of Phil Sheridan in the West authoritative, readable, and an important contribution to the literature of westward expansion. Although headquartered in Chicago, Sheridan played a crucial role in the opening of the West. His command stretched from the Missouri to the Rockies and from Mexico to Canada, and all the Indian Wars of the Great Plains fell under his direction. Hutton ably narrates and interprets Sheridan's western career from the perspective of the top command rather than the battlefield leader. His book is good history and good reading" --Robert. M. Utley

"This is more than a biography-it also tells us a great deal about the post-Civil War army and how it functioned.... Hutton has presented an important and complex subject well." --William T. Hagan, Western Historical Quarterly

"Hutton has provided us with the definitive treatment of Sheridan's western command." --Michael L. Tate, Great Plains Quarterly

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