This is a picture of my cats, (L-R) Teela, Felena, and Kali. Felena is about 17.5 years old, and is a Calico. Kali is about 9 years old , and is an Ebony Oriental Shorthair. Teela is about 6 years old, and is a grey Tiger. All three are spayed, Felena and Teela were adopted from Humane Societies. Kali is a pure-bred, but is not show quality.

And here is a picture of "the boys". Elrik is again about 17.5 years old (in back) and is a Siamese Blue point. Blue Max is 14.5 years old and is a Siamese Seal Point.

And kitten makes six! Carmel is our latest acquisition(?). She owns Ryan, and he fot her from the humane society. Best guess as to age? About 6 months.

Here are the long-promised pictures of Felena in a cast!

Here is Felena resting on the living room floor.

and here is Felena on the top of the 6 ft cat tree!!. She would climb up the post using her 3 good legs, or use the ladder just visible on the right. She spent most of her time up there- she probably felt safe- the kids couldn't get to her easily. After 4 weeks in the cast, her leg had not healed. So,,, we put a pin in it. That stayed in for 6 weeks, then we took the pin out. She still limps a little but is otherwise fine.


Guess how many cats are in the sun on this perch? (3- Elrik, Max, Kali) (No, this was not posed- they really do like each other.)

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