Karen Ann Smith, Ph.D.

Director, NMR Facility

Adj. Asst. Prof.

Department of Chemistry

University of New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM 87131-1096

505-277-4031 (office) 505-277-2609(fax) 505-277-1651 (lab)


(Photo: Ensley Photography, Boone, Ogden, IA)

Current Activities(work related):

This semester, I will (as always) be teaching Chem 627 (NMR Theory and Applications).

CV Sumary:

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Current Activities(not-work)

Put your unused cpu to work! Seti@home is a worlwide group that processes radio telescope data on Unix boxes, PCs, and Macs. It runs as a screensaver or a background job, so it doesn't interfere with the main use of the computer. The data was collected as a "piggyback" on other time on the telescopes. Come join over a million other researchers!

Not sure what to do with old journals and magazines? Bridge to Asia sends books, journals, and magazines to libraries in Asia. In addition to back issues (and current!) of scientific journals, they take some popular magazines. We save and send National Geographic, Scientific American, Science, and Smithsonian. Don't have any magazines to send? Give them a check to help pay the cost (high) of shipping these materials.

[ACLU Defend Your Data Collection]
Defend Your Data
The ACLU helps protect our rights. I don't agree with everything they do, but I agree with enough to be a "card-carrying member".

Interests, hobbies, etc:


Our pet cats

Reading: Science Fiction, Mysteries, and various science magazines

Space Exploration and Advocacy

Science and Technology funding is much less than I think it should be, and some of that is not put to best use. Bill Stevens has a Science and Technology Funding page which talks about what can be done to improve funding.

The Nature Conservancy helps protect endangered species by saving entire ecosystems (well, at least small parts of entire ecosystems.)

TV? You actually think we watch TV? Well, we do- some. We watch KNME (pbs) and We also listen to KUNM the public radio station in the area.

The picture at the top was cropped from a studio portrait of the whole family.

(Thanks to Nena Davis and Ron Adams for scanning in the photos).


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