Leslie A. Donovan's Homepage

Contact Information
Honors College
Room 20
Student Health Bldg.
Plaza Level/
Ground Floor
University of New Mexico
Phone (505) 277-4313

Mailing Address
Honors College
MSC 06 3890
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

Leslie Donovan
Professor and Chair
Professional CV
Another photo of Dr. Donovan

Activities and Projects
UNM Hobbit Society
UNM Institute for Medieval Studies
Mythopoeic Society

Regents Scholars Program
The Greybook
online journal of Middle-earth formerly published by the UNM Hobbit Society)
Waymeet for Tolkien Teachers
(digital journal for teaching J.R.R. Tolkien's works and life in post-secondary schools)

Research Interests
Tolkien Studies
Teaching and Pedagogy
Future Studies
Old English Literature
Celtic Studies
Old Norse/Icelandic Literature
Medieval Women

Current Courses
Creative Impulse in New Mexico
What Worlds May Come: Studies for the Future

Selected Past Courses
Burning Life: Approaching the Promethean Idea
Early Celtic Cultures
Legacy of Monsters and Marvels through the Ages
Meet the Authors
Metamorphosis: Transformative Impulse in
Literature and Culture

Mythmaking and Tolkien
Our Medieval Inheritance
Shakespeare Abroad: Interweaving Old and New Worlds
Space and New Mexico: From Aliens to the X-Prize
Tolkien Studies for Advanced Readers
Tolkien's Early Influences
Tolkien Field Study in Birmingham, UK

Honors College
Honors College
Univ. of New Mexico