Dr. William M. Litchman has been involved with genealogy and family history for many years, beginning with an interest in his father’s family during his teen years. Following that relatively rough beginning, he pursued a career in science and education, putting aside his family history interest until the middle of the 1980s when his interest again revived. In the meantime, he had collected large amounts of family lore and documents prior to the death of his grandparents and parents so that once he seriously embarked on a second career in family history, he was prepared to deeply involve himself in his own family research.

He has pursued his own family lines and published the results of many years of intensive effort which has prepared him for doing work in a variety of locales and times and a series of papers which show his expertise in this field of study.

Dr. Litchman is currently a Professional Genealogist, who has held a certificate granted by the National Board for the Certification of Genealogists (No. 366) in 1995.

He has developed a series of courses in genealogy which he offers on a irregular basis in Albuquerque, NM, including an introductory level genealogical research course, an intermediate course in genealogical document groups, an advanced course in analytical and logical analysis, and an advanced seminar in genealogical thought and writing. The latter of these courses has been described in an article.

He lectures in the field of genealogy to groups on a variety of topics from elementary and introductory research methods and sources to advanced concepts and methods.

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