Statement of Ethics: I will treat all research problems as confidential, dealing with them in an analytical manner and reporting the results of research completely and promptly.

I cannot create results from evidence which is not present in the original documents!

Statement of regular charges and other financial questions:

Hourly rate for original research and report writing $25/hr

Minimum fee to initiate a research problem $100

Pre-payment of fees is required for all new clients.

All incidental expenses and out-of-pocket costs are passed on to you, the client. These costs include office supplies used, phone, postage, photocopying, rentals, and travel/housing expenses.

A gross-receipts tax is charged for research time for all New Mexico customers at the current rate of 5.8125%

No major expenditures will be initiated without previous consultation with you, the client. Such major expenses include lengthy travel, over-night housing in hotels or motels, purchase costs for microforms or other publications and so on.

Reports will be created at my discretion unless you, the client, ask for reports on a more frequent basis, however, informal consultation can be done at any time to keep you current with the progress of the research. As long as these informal talks are reasonable in their length, no charge is made for them.

Research will be prosecuted at a rate which satisfies you, the client, so that hourly costs will be held to the amount you feel is reasonable and prudent. Arrangements can be made which hold billing below a certain threshold value for each billing period and frequency of billing can be at a rate determined by you, the client.

Word of advice: An on-going research project is best prosecuted at a regular pace which keeps the problem before my mind and current. If too much time elapses between one spurt of work and the next, time is required to re-acquaint myself with the goals and condition of the research each time. This adds to your expense.

As always, my goal is to be as efficient and effective as I can within the limitations of the difficulty of the work at hand and the quality of the research and analysis which it requires.

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