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Representing all branches of anthropology, the Maxwell Museum's extensive systematic collections comprise the core of its mission and activities.

Old World archaeological collections from the European and African palaeolithic and the Middle East combine with New World, Arctic, Latin American and the United States to comprise a major research resource.

For information on Maxwell Museum of Anthropology Collections contact the individual department curators or write to:
Maxwell Museum of Anthropology
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1 University of New Mexico
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The U.S. Southwestern archaeological collections are products from over sixty years of Chaco Canyon Research by UNM and the National Park Service.

Excavated materials from continuing Maxwell Museum research and contract programs and from the annual UNM Field School ensure growth of the archaeological collections.

Human osteological collections include large archaeological holdings and an active donation program associated with the Maxwell's forensic anthropology division, conducted in cooperation with the New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator.

Worldwide ethnological collections are especially strong in Latin America, Oceania, Africa, Southeast Asia, Australasia, the Arctic, and the U.S. Southwest.

The photographic archive also possesses worldwide coverage and is actively used by scholars and public constituents.

The Maxwell's paper archival collections include the Clark Field library of over 12, 000 specialized anthropological volumes and journals, and an extensive documentary archive drawn from almost a century of field work in all areas of UNM anthropology around the world.