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-Offroad clubs declare war on private property-

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Research that made it into the News

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Colorado State University 04/18/08
Seed Magazine 04/16/08
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Naked Science
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New York Times 09/02/97 "it's good to have a plan B" 06/14/06
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BBC News: " experiment you would never want to do" 05/18/98
BBC News:  "...hugely bigger in energy than the atomic tests"  07/19/06 " is going to be bad news"  05/31/01
Scientific American  (Bang and Splat)
Wired Magazine 10/95
Time Magazine: "Like the rings of saturn" 09/30/02
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SpaceDaily: A Clue To Climate Change? 09/17/02
Time Magazine:  antipodal volcanism  01/09/95  Deccan Traps 08/01/01
Arte 10/08/07
Scientific American: "You have to figure out what is in the geological record" 03/01
PDF: Documentary film crew seeks answers -- with help from Dr. Boslough

Other stuff that somebody decided was newsworthy

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Offroad recreation threatens environment and private property

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