Tuition and Fees

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Museum Studies Courses

Maxwell Museum of Anthroplogy Museum of Southwestern Biology

MSST 407./507. Museum Practices. (3 to a maximum of 6) Δ (Also offered as ANTH 402, ARTH 407.) History, philosophy and purposes of museums. Techniques and problems of museum administration, education, collection, exhibition, conservation and public relations. {Offered upon demand}

MSST 475./575. Museum Interpretation. (3) Public education within museum contexts including exhibit research, planning, development, production; traveling trunks, booklets, outreach, public programming, evaluation, and digital and virtual applications. {Offered every academic year}

MSST 476./576. Museum Collection Management. (3) How to collect, catalog, and care for museum collections as well as the role of research and informal object based learning in museums.

MSST 485./585. Seminar in Museum Methods. (3 to a maximum of 6) Δ (Also offered as ARTH, ANTH 485./585.) Theoretical and practical work in specific museum problems, topics and themes. Prerequisite: 407 or ANTH 402. {Offered upon demand}

MSST 486./586. Practicum: Museum Methods. (3 to a maximum of 6) ∆ (Also offered as ANTH, ARTH 486./586.) Practicum in museum methods and management. Prerequisite: ANTH 402 or ARTH 407. Restriction: permission of instructor. {Offered upon demand}

MSST 598. Graduate Project. (1-6, no limit) Projects must be museum based. They may be exhibits, films, educational programs, collection curation, field collection and analysis, or other museum endeavors. All projects must be original contributions to museums, or the museum profession, and demonstrate contemporary knowledge of museum methods, theory and practice. Offered on a CR/NC basis only.

MSST 599. Master’s Thesis. (1-6, no limit) Limited to graduate majors in the Master’s program.