Courses I teach

Child Language Ling 560/460

This is an advanced course for students with a background in developmental psychology or psycholinguistics who are interested in studying language development in depth. The course covers the development of speech perception, speech production, morphology, syntax, and the lexicon. We also review various theories that attempt to account for how child language develops.

Seminar in Childhood Bilingualism

This course is given in one of two formats. When the students are primarily from the Hispanic Linguistics program, the focus is on Spanish-English bilingual child language development, with an emphasis on morphosyntax. When the students are from various departments, the course is more general, covering a variety of languages, scenarios. Either way, students complete an original research project on childhood bilingualism. These projects have culminated in published articles, such as Ramírez-Urbaneja's article on children's mixed noun phrases.

Seminar in Hispanic Sociolinguistics Span 546

This course focuses on linguistic variation of Spanish in relation to internal, social, regional and situational factors. Topics include variation theory, language contact, language and social factors, such as gender and social class. In addition to discussing relevant literature and prominent themes in sociolinguistics and Hispanic sociolinguistics, students will learn tools that are commonly used to do sociolinguistic research.

Other courses I regularly teach

Language Change (Ling 446/546)

Language in Society (Ling 331/531)

Gramática española (Span 352)

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