Ned O'Malia is a Doctor of Philosophy in Asian Religions from Temple University. Teaching and writing have been the center of his professional life for over 35 years. He is a Professor at the University of New Mexico in the Honors Program as an Asian specialist. He is a noted speaker and lecturer within New Mexico and the Southwest often speaking on the cultures and religions of the Asia.

The Sacred Sites of Northern New Mexico seminar is an extension of classroom teaching. As Northern New Mexico is the home to many types of spiritual traditions, Dr. O'Malia left the classroom to reside and teach in communities of spiritual practitioners. This seminar has been in effect for over 20 years. There have been changes and modifications but the theme remains the same: that living in spiritual communities is the greatest form of teaching.

He is a published photographer--a skill he uses to illustrate his lectures. Ned is a travel writer and has served as Travel Editor for Prime Time the Newspaper.

In addition he is a talented chef, who prides himself on enrolling in cooking classes in all the countries he visits. In addition, he is a food writer, television food commentator, and serves as a food judge for the New Mexico State Fair. He is the official SPAM cooking contest judge for the New Mexico State Fair. In 2004, Ned won the National White Castle Hamburger Cooking Contest. Ned also has a flair as a chef for Oriental and Middle Eastern foods. In 2006, Ned won second place in the National White Castle Hamburger Cooking Contest -- his sister Missy won FIRST PRIZE in this contest.

Dr. O'Malia is a passionate world traveler and a talented tour director. He has led over a hundred group tours since 1971, taking people from the temples of Tibet to the souks of Morocco. He has traveled on cruise ships, old buses, trucks, bicycles, ox carts, and a dugout canoe. He enjoys lecturing on the cultures, religions, and people of the world.


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