Instructions for reserving and using LI6400s

Access to the Licor calendar:

  • Access is via Google Calendar. To be added, e-mail one of the PI's (Collins, Hanson, Litvak, McDowell, Pockman) or Judd Hill and request access. If you wish to use the Prius, e-mail Nate McDowell prior to signing up dates.

When creating an event (i.e. reserving a Licor 6400)

  • Put the following information in the "what" subject line:
  • LI6400 name (BMW, Lexus, Tesla, or Prius), Your initials, and the location of use (Sev,
    PJ, UNM, LANL, etc).
  • Sign up for "all day", but in the "description" subject line, please list your anticipated time frame for use, a contact phone number, and indicate what type of measurementsyou are doing (e.g. red/blue leaf, custom leaf, soil, conifer, TDL, etc).

General etiquette:

  • Only sign up for times you will really use and rapidly remove dates if your schedule changes
  • Check the calendar to see who is using it after you and make sure the instrument is
    available to them in a timely manner (this includes having it in the
    proper configuration where the red/blue light source for leaf gas
    exchange is the default configuration that the LI6400 should be stored
    in unless special arrangements have been made),
  • Each instrument has its own tool/spare parts box and logbook so keep them together and
    keep the spare parts stocked, return instruments to UNM when not in
    use (aside from Prius)
  • Immediately report any problems,spare parts needs, or significant maintenance in the logbook and to the PIs