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A few examples of source photos and actual finished work

April 2009 Zion National Park


 I arrived early after a storm and took many inspiring photos for future works.  Eventually I settled on this view:



I set out to work on a 9" x 12" pastel on Wallis pastel Paper.  I did a turpenoid underpainting                                                                                                       



and then worked for another 2 hours to get to this point:

  Here is the final work after two additional hours in the studio:                     West Kolob Terrace at Zion NP plein air + studio pastel by Jeff Potter AVAILABLE

March 2009 - Portal, Arizona.  I picked this view towards the Chiricahua Mountains surrounding the tiny hamlet of Portal.

I worked for 3 hours on an 11" x 14" oil to produce this:

Here is the final oil painting after an additional hour or two in the studio.  This was accepted into the RGAA 7th Annual Encantada! show for September 2009 in Albuquerque. 
















(May 2008)  Plein Air Oil and a photo showing my setup in the Guadalupe Box in the nearby Jemez Mountains  and finished 14" x 11" oil




A photo taken looking south into San Antonio Canyon in the western Jemez mountains of Rhyolitic rock





Below it is a partially completed small pastel done on Wallis sanded paper of the rock  formations.





Here is the final finished work


Below is a source photo taken from a high vantage point just east of Escalante, Utah.  Below is a preliminary turpenoid wash of NuPastel  on Wallis Pastel Paper


Here is the final work, notice how the blue tone comes through in the foreground to help indicate shadowing


Below is the source photo of a scene near San Ysidro, NM I used for one of my large pastels.  


Here is the final  18" x 24" pastel



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