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Pinpointing a galvanizing point in my creativity as an artist, I often come to realize it is actually a life-long process. My experience of growing up in the American southwest undoubtedly had a strong effect on my perception of light, form and color.  I have nurtured an art career for 25 plus years while working at the University of New Mexico from 1981 - retirement in 2006. 

I am tickled every time someone buys one of my paintings, as it brings me great pleasure knowing they were captivated by my efforts enough to pay money to take it with them!

I also cherish my interactions with fellow artists and always enjoy another artist working and sharing their particular current creative success.  Be sure to visit my recent explorations into abstract art with 6 other artists - we call ourselves The Distractionists.

Recently, I have found that the words of Richard Schmid are very relevant to where I am in my life as an artist.  In his book, Alla Prima, Schmid explains how he prefers to work from life, in one session, which is called "Direct painting" or alla prima I really agree with his thoughts and especially his simple but eloquent description of what is so appealing to be a painter:

"What could be more wonderful than the life of a painter?  Beyond the usual necessities of life, we live out our days needing nothing more than a box of paints, some brushes, and something to paint on.  We have no boss, employees, or financial backers.  We don't require a performance hall, a publisher, a film studio, a foundry, or for that matter, even a gallery.  All we need is a continual passion for what we are doing, and a reasonable amount of evidence along the way that we are accomplishing something worthwhile."

R. Schmid.  Alla Prima. 1998 Stove Prairie Press, Manchester Center, VT

Welcome to the art of Jeff Potter.
Please enjoy your visit. In addition, be sure to visit the numerous art links in and around New Mexico found on my Links Page

Artistic Media and Perceptions
So far in my artistic journey I have explored numerous media with which to create. The work on this web site includes pastel, oil and watercolor. Each technique offers magical effects as well as other characteristics best suited for the intended subject. Watercolors and pastels both work well in my plein air, or on-site pieces representing effects of outdoor light and atmosphere. Oils and larger pastels are done in my studio in Alameda, New Mexico.

Watercolors. Although I am by no means an impressionist in the classical sense, my watercolors do capture the immediacy of my experience on site. They are usually 12" x 16" and smaller.

Pastels. There has been an upsurge in interest in pastels due in part to remarkable new products. I have utilized hard and soft pastels on a variety of papers: charcoal, watercolor, and sanded papers. Pastel is pure pigment, the same pigment used in making all fine art paints, has no liquid binder and thus is the most permanent of all media.

Oils. A medium that offers interplay of pigments and strokes and its flowing liquidity is in essence frozen in time. Each of these media I've mentioned allow differing windows to the viewer on my perceptions of light, color and depth. Finally, depth in my landscapes is an important component. I utilize exaggerated atmospheric clarity to enhance the perception of distance. Another vehicle for depth is through composition: a viewer's eye movement is led into the drawing along landscape lines or shapes.

Plein Air  Working on-site outdoors is one of my favorite ways of working, demanding intense observation, keen eye to clean methods and trying to narrow down the visual stimulation.  Probably 40% of my work over the last 20 years has been and continues to be done Plein Air.

Having both artistically-talented and very supportive parents no doubt nurtured my own interests in art. Looking back at saved examples of my childhood drawings shows an early interest and dedication, and I do remember loving to draw. Several teachers were most encouraging, and awards in competitions combined with education helped to build my self-esteem. I attended the University of New Mexico to study both Science and Art and received degrees in Fine Art and Biology in 1977. Developing a portfolio and style characterized the time from graduation until my first one-man exhibition in Santa Fe, NM in 1984. The focus of my interpretation that began to emerge was an environmental awareness theme paralleling the strong wilderness themes of the 1980s. I had a another one-man exhibition at the University of Georgia Institute of Ecology in 1985, which educated me at being a professional artist. I have since then focused on establishing a niche for myself in the crowded New Mexico arts community. Since 1986 I have received numerous awards for work in a variety of media. I also have accepted a range of painting commissions. My original work hangs in private and public art collections such as Eye Associates of New Mexico and the Health Sciences Center at the University of New Mexico.

Recent highlights:

2013 Artist in Residence at Canyons of the Ancients National Monument, CO.  One of only two artists selected

2013 National Weather Center Biennale, Norman, OK.

2012 Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority "Waterscapes" Calendar.  I had images on three months in their 2010 calendar.

2009 66th Invitational Art Exhibit, Southern Utah University, Cedar City, Utah

MasterWorks of New Mexico Exhibition - 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2012, 2013.  Honorable Mention Award in 2008.

Pastel Society of New Mexico Signature Member Shows at 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013

One-person show at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Hospital Art Gallery - 2003

Public Service Company of New Mexico Calendar  (March 2005)

Contact Information -
Your inquiries are welcome...
email:ulinski at unm.edu

tel: (505) 897-8621

write: Deborah Potter
1019 Guadalupe Ct., N.W.
Alameda, NM 87114-2325
If you'd like to see Jeff's work, please request an appointment.


    I offer an expanding selection of archived digital reproductions. Please contact Deborah Ulinski Potter.

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