Human Growth and Development Archive


Assumptions of the Lifespan Perspective (C. K. Sigelman, 1999)

What is Contextual Human Lifespan Development? (Armstrong, 2004) [Adobe PDF]

Public Images of Teachers (Armstrong, 2004) [Adobe PDF]

Assumptions of the Lifenet Perspective (Armstrong, 2000)

The Lifenet Perspective, 2005 (Most recent description of the Lifenet View - PDF, 1 page)

Deep Learning and Human Development (Armstrong, 2003)

Theoretical Perspectives on Human Development (Frameworks)

Developmental Phases ("Ages and Stages")

Notes on Human Ethology and Attachment Theory

Notes on Early Childhood

Notes on Middle Childhood

Adolescent Identity

Notes on Adolescence

James Marcia's Identity Statuses [Adobe PDF]

Supplementary Handouts and Essays

Scientific Advice on Parenting I (M. Wolfenstein)

Scientific Advice on Parenting II (The remarkable Mrs. West)

Freud and the American Ethos (John Demos)

Implicit Socialization in the Classroom (Wilcox)

Power and Prejudice: Some definitions for discussion and analysis

Notes on the Psychology of Expertise

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