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Internet Resources

New Mexico State Department of Education
A good source for information about education in New Mexico. For demographic information, see the "Fact Sheets" listed under the "Schools" section of this very useful website.
Annual Editions: Human Development - Selected Websites
A list of links to information on general human development, infancy and early childhood, adolescence, adult development, aging, cognition and schooling, family and culture, and more. Also includes practice tests for students.
Bill Huitt's Home Page
Bill Huitt is a professor at Valdosta State University, Valdosta, Georgia. His Educational Psychology Interactive site includes overviews of humanistic psychology, motivation, learning theory, teacher efficacy, cognitivism, and more.
Psych Web at Georgia Southern University
Created by Russ Dewey, this award winning site provides access to a wide array of Internet resources for students and teachers of psychology. Psychology Web Pages
A wealth of basic information created by Kendra Cherry, who also has a psychology blog that touches on many interesting topics.
University of New MexicoEducational Psychology Program Home Page
Description of the program,, faculty contact information, and a list of psychology internet resources.

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