Rusty's Home Page

Hi, my name is Rusty, but I have been called other names occasionally since I have a tendency to get into trouble.  Not that I think I deserve these aliases, but my owners don't always appreciate my antics! 

My breed is known as a Maine Coon.  I was orphaned as a kitten along with my brother and placed in a shelter.  One day, my "people" came by and they looked like someone who could live with me, so I acted especially cute to get their attention.  It worked!

When I got to my new home, I found I would be sharing it with two other grown cats.  I was somewhat disappointed that I wouldn't be the "ring leader", but I knew with time and growth, I could change that!  Almost immediately, I set about to rectify the situation.  My two new roommate's names were Clancey and Rocky.  Rocky didn't seem to mind my moving in, but Clancey was more of a challenge.  He too was a recent addition to my "people" and it didn't sit too well with him that someone else was moving in on his territory.  Even though he out-weighed me by at least 15 pounds, my tactic was to  wear him down.   At times, my pestering would get a little out of control, and I would have to have a time out.

There was one occasion that I got more than I bargained for by aggravating Clancey.  Intentionally or not, he dislocated my hind leg by rolling over on  my little body!

As time went on and I grew to my present self, we have become the best of buds.  We have found that we are both equally loved by our "people" and the only competition now days is stealing food from each other's bowls!