Brandon Schmandt

Associate Professor

Earth and Planetary Science

University of New Mexico

bschmandt (at)

Research interests: I conduct research in geophysics, primarily using the tools of seismology to study Earth structure and surface or subsurface processes that make seismic signals. The questions that drive my research are often related to links between tectonic and volcanic processes apparent at the surface and underlying mantle convection and deep crustal deformation. My other active research interests include using seismology to investigate the  bulk and volatile composition of the scarcely sampled deep Earth, and improving the utility of seismology for continuously tracking mechanical surface processes such as sediment transport in rivers. My research involves a blend of computational analyses, collection of new geophysical data in the field, and interdisciplinary collaborations to synthesize constraints on geological processes.

Peer-Reviewed Publications (UNM *student, ^postdoc)



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