Dissertation students supervised


Ana Medina-Murillo

  • Ph.D. Linguistics, in progress.
  • Dissertation title: The Sound System of Warihó-Makurawe
  • Funded by a Doctoral Dissertation Grant from the National Science Foundation.

Susan Brumbaugh

  • Ph.D. Linguistics, in progress.
  • Dissertation title: Vowel Space Measurements of Speakers of Chicano English in Albuquerque


Brenda Nicodemus

Paul Edmunds

  • Ph.D. Linguistics with a concentration in Speech and Hearing Sciences, December 2009.
  • Dissertation title: ESL speakers' production of English lexical stress: The effect of variation in acoustic correlates on perceived intelligibility and nativeness
  • Now Director of the Center for English Language and American Culture at UNM.

Paul De Palma

  • Ph.D. Computational Linguistics (chaired by George Luger, Computer Science), May 2010.
  • Dissertation title: Syllables and concepts in large vocabulary automatic speech recognition
  • Now (as before) Professor of Computer Science, Gonzaga University.

Basic courses taught regularly

Linguistics / Speech & Hearing 303: Introduction to Phonetics
(taught almost every fall; taught by Prof. Amy Neel of Speech & Hearing every spring)

  • When I teach this course, it is organized around a packet of materials I created, whose content is inspired by Peter Ladefoged's A Course in Phonetics, and by courses taught by Louis Goldstein.

Linguistics 304 / 504: Phonological Analysis (taught every spring)

More advanced courses

Linguistics 406 / 506: Experimental Phonetics (Last taught: Spring 2007, taught more recently by Ian Maddieson)

Linguistics 502: Generative Theories of Phonology (Last taught: Spring 2011)

Linguistics 503: Usage-Based Phonology (Last taught: Spring 2010)

Linguistics 505: Survey of Phonetic Theory (Last taught: Fall 2007)

Graduate seminars I have taught

Computational Linguistics, with George Luger, Computer Science

Prosody and Discourse

Developing Professional Skills

Other teaching

Psycholinguistics of prosody, at the Université Lyon 2 (Spring 2009)

Phonetics and phonology courses in English and French at the University of Ottawa (1995-6)

Phonetics courses at UCLA (1992-3)