Who's My Daddy? Who's My Mommy?

Results of a Poll on the Origins of Private-Sector CRM

David A. Phillips, Jr., RPA

Notes Added Since the Original Posting

Nov. 2003: a version of this essay was published in the October 2003 issue of ACRA Edition, newlsetter of the American Cultural Resources Assocation (www.acra-crm.org).

Nov. 2003: a new reader feedback page contains additional information on early CRM enterprises.

March 2008: the section on Roger Desautels was updated.

February 2009: see the Reader Feedback page for extensive comments on Roger Desautels, sent in by Max Farrar.

June 2009: photographs of Roger Desautels and Roberta Greenwood were added to the main text, and a second photo of Desautels was added to the feedback page.

July 2016: Paul Chace's 2016 article on Roger Desautels, published in the Pacific Coast Archaeological Society Quarterly, is available as a PDF here

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