English 397.001
Southwest Women Writers
Spring 2007
T/R 12:30-1:45

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Required Texts:

"They were America the Beautiful too, this was the land of the free just like the teachers said in school. They had the uniform and they didn't look different no more. They got respect."   
Leslie Marmon Silko,

"I cannot say I am a citizen of the world…"                 
Ana Castillo,
Massacre of the Dreamers

"How do we engage in responsive citizenship in times of terror?"    
Terry Tempest Williams,
The Open Space of Democracy

Additional Readings:

Leslie Marmon Silko                             

essay from Yellow Woman and a Beauty of the Spirit

John Borrows                                       

"Introduction" and "'Landed' Citizenship: An Indigenous Declaration of Independence" from Recovering Canada: The Resurgence of Indigenous Law

Pat Moya                                             

"This is Not Your Country"
Articles from Chronicle of Higher Education and an online essay
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