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Spring 2007
T/R 9:30-10:45

Week One

Jan. 16  T 

Introduction to class

 Jan. 18  R   

Karla Jay, "Charity Bracelets" (click on title or here if you have problems); Jay discussion questions handout
Thomas Ehrlich, "
Civic Engagement"
(click on title); Ehrlich discussion questions handout

Gap's Red campaign--look through the ad campaign website

Week Two    

Jan. 23  T    

Leslie Hill, "Power and Citizenship in a Democratic Society" (ereserves)
Leslie Hill, "Reflections on Citizenship" (click on title)

job candidate class visit

Jan. 25  R

Terry Tempest Williams, Open Space, pp. i-iii, 1-24
Questions to consider while reading Williams through to the end (print out and bring to class until we finish reading her first book)

Questions to consider for class readings based on Hill articles (print out and consider questions as you read; be prepared to discuss when you come to class--do this with each reading for the rest of the semester)

Week Three

  Jan. 30  T  

Terry Tempest Williams, Open Space, pp. 28-62, 85-89

job candidate class visit

Feb. 1   R   Terry Tempest Williams, Open Space, finish discussion

ASUNM CE guest speaker, Nico Condon

Week Four --Open Space of Democracy handout with themes to think about for Refuge

Feb. 6  T Terry Tempest Williams, Refuge, 1-57
Discussion Leader 1--Jennifer Sawayda

Leigh Johnson, guest speaker

Feb. 8  R   Terry Tempest Williams, Refuge, 58-119


Week Five

Feb. 13  T  Terry Tempest Williams, Refuge, 120-178
Discussion Leader 2--Rich Bartel

Dr. Tiffany Lee, guest speaker

Feb. 15  R 

Terry Tempest Williams, Refuge, 179-238
Discussion Leader 3
--Lacy Anderson
Team Presentation 1--Candice Villegas & Kyce Bello

Betsy Erbaugh, guest speaker

Week Six

Feb. 20  T   Terry Tempest Williams, Refuge, 239-end
Feb. 22  R  Ana Castillo, Massacre, ch. 1
Discussion Leaders 4 & 5--Levi Maes & Maria Martinez

Issues in Introduction and questions to consider from Chapter One (handout)

Week Seven  
Feb. 27  T   Ana Castillo, Massacre, ch. 2
Team Presentation 2--Natasha Cuylear & Rich Bartel
Mar. 1   R Ana Castillo, Massacre, ch. 3
Discussion Leaders 6 & 7--Natasha Cuylear & Lacy Anderson

Week Eight        

Mar. 6  T Ana Castillo, Massacre, ch. 4-5
Team Presentation 3--Maria Martinez & Lynsey Oliver
Mar. 8  R Ana Castillo, Massacre, ch. 8, 10
Discussion Leaders 8 & 9--Julianna Montoya & Candace Villegas
Week Nine--Spring Break

Week Ten

Mar. 20  T  Ana Castillo, So Far From God, 1-71
Team Presentation 4--Deborah Harvey (someone welcome to change to join Deborah or Deborah can be a discussion leader on this day)
Mar. 22  R   Ana Castillo, So Far From God, 72-129
Discussion Leader 10--Luz Blea

Week Eleven

Mar. 27  T   Ana Castillo, So Far From God, 130-189
Team Presentation 5--Jennifer Sawayda & Katie Burck
Mar. 29  R   Ana Castillo, So Far From God, 190-end
Discussion Leader 11 & 12--Deborah Harvey & Lynsey Oliver

Week Twelve

Reading guide for Ceremony based on Borrows and Silko 4/3 readings:
1.  Indigenous laws are still visible
2.  Living traditions are still present
3.  Stories/landscape are reminders of what colonial/patriarchal institutions have covered up, ignored
4.  Another kind of power is reproduced in the land
5.  What Indigenous legal structures does novel reveal?
6.  How does the novel compare/contrast with Borrows' presentation of Indian control of United States affairs? with his presentations of power/place/politics?

Apr. 3  T 

Silko, "Fences Against Freedom" (e-reserves)
Borrows, "Introduction" and "An Indigenous Declaration of Interdependence" (e-reserves)
Team Presentation 6--Missy Begay & David Barber

UNM Undergraduate Research & Creativity Symposium

Apr. 5  R   Silko, Ceremony, 1-43
Discussion Leader 13 & 14--Katie Burck & Kyce Bello

Week Thirteen

Apr. 10  T  Silko, Ceremony, 43-86
Team Presentation 7Levi Maes & Lacy Anderson
Apr. 12  R  Silko, Ceremony, 86-130
Discussion Leader 15 & 16--Missy Begay & David Barber
Week Fourteen


Apr. 17  T  Silko, Ceremony, 131-176
Team Presentation 8--Hyunji Kim & Felicia Barela
Apr. 19  R Silko, Ceremony, 176-221
Discussion Leader 17 & 18--Hyunji Kim & Felicia Barela

WEEK Fifteen

Apr. 24  T   Silko, Ceremony, 221-end
Team Presentation 9--Luz Blea and Julianna Montoya
Apr. 26  R

Final Project Presentations 1-6 (approx. 12 min. per person)

WEEK Sixteen

May 1  T  

Final Project Presentations 7-12

May 3  R   

Final Project Presentations 13-17
Final projects due