English 411.511: Indigenous Feminisms (Crosslisted with NAS and WS)

Janna Pratt joins marchers on 22 July 2005 in Saskatoon to draw attention to the plight of missing native women.
Troy Fleece, The Canadian Press

"Warrior Women" by Dana Tiger

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This class will investigate the economic, political, and ideological factors contributing to Indigenous women's oppositional consciousness revealed in intellectual activities such as fiction, non-fiction, poetry, scholarly writing, political activism, and artistic endeavors such as weaving, quilting, and pottery production. I define intellectual activities broadly in order to incorporate the multiple locations that reveal women's ideas, interests, and worldviews that diverge from standard academic theory. Analyzing works by a wide range of women, including United States Indigenous, Canadian First Nations, Maori, Australian, and Hawaiian, this class will trace Indigenous women's intellectual traditions to identify core themes that form the theoretical foundation of Indigenous feminisms.

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