Native American Women  
WSMT 233.005

cross-listed with NATV 255.005/ENGL 315.008

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Intersession Course
January 8-12, 8:00-5:00

DSH 327

Course Policies  

Ground Rules for Behavior:

I expect students to help me maintain an atmosphere of fairness, civility, courtesy, and respect for other students and for the teacher. 

This class meets for one week, which means that attendance is a big part of passing the class. You are allowed to miss 3 hours from class, which is equal to 3 days if this was a regular semester. If you miss more than 3 hours you will be dropped from the course automatically, no excuses whatsoever (no family/community obligations, no illness with you or your family, no car problems, no deaths in family, no "I can't miss work/I have to be at work," no excuses).

Grading     click on "rubric" and "peer review" for hard copy handout.
In-class group work 200 pts. 20% (based on peer review sheet)
In-class writing    200 pts. 20% (based on quality per rubric)
In-class summaries 250 pts. 25% (based on quality per rubric)
Participation 250 pts. 25% (70 pts. possible/day; based on what you contribute each day)
TOTAL 1000 pts. 100%  

I EXPECT everyone to participate. For this class to work, everyone needs to get involved. If you are shy, don't want to sound dumb, hate talking in class, etc., then this class is not for you, and I encourage you to drop. Daily participation from everyone is required to pass this class.
Part of your participation grade will be based on a handwritten synopsis of what you contributed to class discussion turned in daily.

In-class group work:
You will work in groups each day. In order to help me grade your contribution to your group, I will have everyone fill out a peer review worksheet where you list your contributions and your group member's contributions. This makes everyone accountable to everyone. See "Grading" for peer review sheet.

In-class writing:
I will have you do in-class writing projects, which you will turn in at the end of each day. You will answer questions, respond to prompts, or express your opinions. I expect thoughtful and critical pieces. See "Grading" for rubric.
In-class summaries:
In order to gauge your own learning, I will end each day by having everyone summarize the day's most important points, express each point's significance, and tell what you learned. At the end of the week, you will analyze the most important points you learned in class and their significance.