Native American Women  
WSMT 233.005

cross-listed with NATV 255.005/ENGL 315.008

Intersession Course
January 8-12, 8:00-5:00

DSH 327

"Warrior Women" by Dana Tiger

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This class will reveal the vitality of Native American women's intellectual, political, and creative work today. We will examine the avenues that Native American women have chosen for creative, cultural, and political expressions. We will see how individual women articulate their positions around issues such as identity, community, sovereignty, culture, and representation. This class aims to crystallize the myriad realities that inform Native American women's work and clarify the sources of inspiration for their roles as individuals, artists, activists, and Indigenous intellectuals, reaffirming their paramount commitment to their communities and Nations.  Required text: Inés Hernández-Avila (editor) Reading Native American Women: Critical/Creative Representations. Work requirements: in-class group work, in-class writing, and vigorous participation.

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